20 Balloon Experiments for the Science Classroom


There’s one thing in regards to the sight of colourful balloons that simply makes you are feeling a little bit excited, don’t you suppose? That’s why children will go loopy for these balloon experiments, whether or not they’re constructing a balloon-powered boat or powering a lightweight bulb with static electrical energy. Plus, balloons are cheap, so replenish on the greenback retailer and prepare to throw a science social gathering!

1. Blow up a balloon … with out blowing

That is a kind of basic balloon experiments everybody remembers doing in class. Youngsters study chemical reactions by mixing acids and bases. They’re at all times amazed on the outcomes!

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Car Science Buddies- balloon experiments
Science Buddies
Skewer steve Spangler- balloon experiments
Steve Spangler Science

3. Skewer a balloon with out popping it

In case you do that one proper, you’ll make children’ eyes pop—however not the balloon! They’ll study in regards to the polymers that make balloons potential, and even a little bit bit about how one can keep cool beneath stress.

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Boat The craft the train
The Craft Prepare

4. Float a balloon-powered boat

Uncover the facility of air stress and the third legislation of movement with this enjoyable and cheap balloon experiment. Take this one exterior on a sunny day and let children splash away whereas they study!

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Freezing Dandelion Bouquets- balloon experiments
Dandelion Bouquets
Balloon Experiments Swim Bladder Science Buddies
Science Buddies

6. Discover the science of swim bladders

Simply how do fish handle to drift with out sinking or rising? Discover out once you discover buoyancy with this swim bladder experiment utilizing a glass bottle, balloon, and some different fundamental supplies.

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Heart Tinas Dynamic Homeschool Plus
Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool +

7. Assemble a coronary heart pump mannequin

Anatomy classes actually come alive once you do balloon experiments like this one. This working coronary heart mannequin demonstrates how blood pumps by the valves and chambers.

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Lungs Surviving a Teachers Salary- balloon experiments
Surviving a Trainer’s Wage

8. Learn the way lungs work

Your college students is likely to be stunned to study that lungs haven’t any muscle groups to make them work. As a substitute, the contraction of the diaphragm pulls air in and forces it out. This intelligent mannequin helps clarify the method.

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Rocket Science Buddies
Science Buddies

9. Blast off with a two-stage rocket

The rockets used for house flight usually have a couple of stage to provide them the additional increase they want. This experiment makes use of balloons to mannequin a two-stage rocket launch, educating children in regards to the legal guidelines of movement.

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Hovercraft Educationcom

10. Construct a hovercraft

It’s not precisely the identical mannequin the army makes use of, however this easy hovercraft is loads simpler to construct. An outdated CD and a balloon assist reveal air stress and friction on this easy experiment.

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Parachute E is for explore
E Is for Discover

11. Parachute a water balloon

Water balloon experiments make an enormous splash with children! On this one, they’ll discover how air resistance slows a water balloon’s touchdown utilizing a do-it-yourself parachute.

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123 Homeschool for me- balloon experiments
123 Homeschool 4 Me

12. Sink or swim with water balloons

Fill water balloons with quite a lot of totally different liquids like oil, salt water, and corn syrup, then float them in a bucket of water to study density and buoyancy.

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Balloon Experiments Two Balloons YouTube
Youngsters Enjoyable Science on YouTube

13. Carry out the 2 balloons experiment

You’ve gotten two balloons, one stuffed with extra air than the opposite. While you open the valve between them, what is going to occur? The reply is sort of sure to shock you. Study the way it works within the video on the hyperlink beneath.

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Lightbulb Happy Brown House- balloon experiments
Completely happy Brown Home

14. Energy a lightweight bulb with static electrical energy

One of many first balloon experiments most youngsters strive is rubbing a balloon on their hair to make their hair stand on finish. The following step is to carry the balloon over a compact fluorescent mild bulb (CFL) to see it glow from the static electrical energy. Wow!

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Balloon Experiments Spinning Penny Steve Spangler
Steve Spangler Science

15. Spin a penny spherical and spherical

On this easy experiment, college students use kinetic vitality and centripetal drive to spin a penny inside a balloon. They’ll wish to strive different objects too, so maintain a contest to see which spins the longest.

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Air Cannon Rookie Parenting
Rookie Parenting

16. Hearth up an air cannon

Uncover the facility of an air vortex with this straightforward DIY air cannon. To actually perceive the way it works, use some incense to create seen smoke rings that may actually impress your college students.

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Fountain Learn With Play at Home- balloon experiments
Study With Play at Residence

17. Create a working water fountain

See the facility of air stress once you construct a balloon-activated water fountain. You’ll solely want easy provides like a plastic bottle, straw, and putty.

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Hot Cold Posh Lil Divas
Mother to 2 Posh Lil Divas

18. Discover the consequences of cold and hot air

The idea of growth and contraction of air may be arduous to visualise. That’s the place this experiment is available in to save lots of the day. Watch the balloon broaden and contract because the air round it modifications temperature.

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BurningSteve Spangler
Steve Spangler Science

19. Fireproof a balloon

A balloon will clearly pop when touched to a sizzling flame, proper? Not for those who put some chilly water in it first! Youngsters will probably be so amazed they gained’t even understand they’re studying in regards to the warmth conductivity of water.

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Pins Stem Little Explorers- balloon experiments
STEM Little Explorers

20. Experiment with balloons and pushpins

A pin pops a balloon very quickly flat, so what occurs once you place a balloon on a desk filled with them? As soon as once more, the reply gained’t be fairly what your college students count on till you clarify the science of distributed stress.

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Kids love balloons, so they'll get a kick out of balloon experiments. Make balloon-powered cars, inflate artificial lungs, and more!