Brief ‘E’ Phrases (Checklist, Educating Concepts, and Free Printables)

Educating every brief vowel sound is a key a part of any phonics scope and sequence for youths. Having numerous examples of brief ‘e’ phrases available will allow you to give college students loads of observe listening to, studying, and writing the sound. You’ll be able to transfer your approach via the sections of this listing as college students be taught extra consonant sounds and patterns. Bear in mind to verify college students know what every phrase on the listing means!

Seize our free printable brief ‘e’ glossary and playing cards. Then attempt a number of the actions under.

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Educating the Brief ‘E’ Sound

It’s vital to make use of a dependable key phrase to introduce the brief ‘e’ sound and assist college students bear in mind it. “Ed,” “edge,” and “echo” are good ones. “Egg” could be complicated since some accents pronounce it with an extended ‘a’ sound like “ay-gg.” “Elephant” may also be complicated since it may be powerful to isolate the brief ‘e’ from the ‘l’ sound.

Brief ‘e’ could be tough for some youngsters to tell apart from brief ‘i.’ In some accents, “pin” and “pen” sound the identical. It helps to emphasise mouth place for articulating the brief ‘e’ sound: “eh.” Have college students look within the mirror whereas producing it. Assist them discover how the lips open and pull again like a smile, and the chin should drop a bit greater than when producing the brief ‘i’ sound.

Brief ‘E’ CVC Phrases

Printable Short E Words List on desk.
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These brief ‘e’ phrases observe the consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) sample. Use phrases that embrace consonant sounds college students have been taught.

ed: mattress, fed, led, purple, wed

eg: beg, leg, peg

et: wager, get, jet, let, met, internet, pet, set, vet, moist, but

en: den, hen, males, pen, ten

Extra brief ‘e’ CVC phrases: sure, net, gem, hem, pep.

Brief ‘E’ Phrases With Consonant Digraphs and Double Consonants

As soon as college students know the consonant digraphs ch, sh, th, and wh, they’ll observe with the digraph phrases under. After they learn the way one-syllable brief vowel phrases ending in f, l, s, or z have double consonants, they’ll observe studying and writing these phrases too.

ch: chef (seems like /sh/)

sh: mesh

th: them, then, Beth, Seth

wh: when

ff: Jeff

ll: bell, cell, dell, fell, promote, inform, effectively, yell, shell

ss: Jess, mess, chess

Brief ‘E’ Phrases With Consonant Blends

When college students can work with two or extra consonant sounds blended collectively, they’ll be prepared for studying and writing the brief ‘e’ phrases under. (A few of the phrases listed additionally embrace consonant digraphs, double consonants, or a couple of mix.)

nd: finish, bend, fend, lend, mend, ship, have a tendency, vend, mix, spend, pattern

nt: bent, cent, lease, despatched, tent, vent, went, spent

ll: dwell, quell, odor, spell, swell

Different brief ‘e’ consonant mix phrases: deft, left, heft, bled, clef, count on, choose, costume, fled, flex, recent, glen, press, desk, sled, slept, spell, step, stem, trek, tress, trench, strep, stress

Excessive-Frequency Brief ‘E’ Phrases

The simplest method to educate high-frequency phrases—phrases used most frequently in print—is by calling college students’ consideration to the letters and sounds within the phrase. Many high-frequency phrases are literally phonetically common. These high-frequency phrases match proper into classes about phrases with the brief ‘e’ sound:

get, went, them, then, when

(Discover numerous concepts for instructing high-frequency phrases with these 55 Enjoyable Sight Phrase Actions That Work.)

How To Use the Phrase Checklist and Playing cards

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There are various straightforward methods to observe studying and writing phrases with the brief ‘e’ sound. Select a pair and educate them as routines; you need to use the identical instructions for phrases with different sounds. Ensure college students know what the phrases you utilize for every exercise imply. Discover extra actions for instructing brief vowel phrases in our brief ‘a’ glossary!

Map Sounds in Phrases

Orthographic mapping is the psychological course of that occurs when human brains hyperlink the letters and sounds in a phrase and retailer them completely. Mapping sounds in phrases can assist this course of alongside: Say a phrase from the brief ‘e’ listing, assist college students isolate every spoken sound, write letters to match the sounds, and browse the phrase. For a full description of phoneme-grapheme mapping, try Susan Jones Educating’s video about it.

I Spy Phrases

Show a set of phrase playing cards. Say the sounds in a phrase, say a phrase, or give a clue concerning the which means of a phrase, and have college students discover the proper phrase within the show. Make it enjoyable by giving them actual or paper magnifying glasses to make use of.

Sound Stomp

Have every pupil stand in entrance of a small set of phrase playing cards on the ground. Say the sounds in one of many phrases. Have them repeat the sounds whereas stomping one foot for every sound. Then have them soar onto the proper phrase card whereas saying the phrase.

Headband Phrases

Clip phrase playing cards to headbands for college students to put on. Have college students rotate across the room studying others’ headbands, or have companions learn one another’s phrase secretly and provides clues for every particular person to guess the phrase on their headband.

Feed the Monster

Make two or extra “monsters” out of empty tissue packing containers or different containers. Mark every monster with a phrase household it “likes to eat.” Give college students a set of phrase playing cards that embrace two or extra phrase households (e.g., -en and -et or -end and -ent). Have them learn every phrase and “feed” it to the proper monster.

Comply with the Path

Have pairs of scholars create a path on the desk or ground utilizing a deck of phrase playing cards and indicators for “Begin” and “Finish.” Companions can take turns rolling a die and strolling (or transferring a sport piece) as they learn the phrases on the trail to maneuver forward.

Puppet Writing

Use a foolish puppet to say the sounds in a phrase or simply the phrase. Have college students hear and write the phrase on a dry-erase board. Dramatically have the puppet “test” their spelling and cheer for his or her success.

Sentence Studying

Write sentences utilizing phrases with brief ‘e’ and different high-frequency phrases college students have realized (like “the,” “is,” or “on”). College students can learn sentences individually, or they might learn every sentence to a associate, have the associate write it, after which work collectively to test it.

Get Your Checklist of Brief ‘E’ Phrases

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Print copies of the glossary and playing cards to maintain available for spelling lists, instructing examples, and for video games and actions like those above.

Busy instructing all of the brief vowel sounds to your new readers? Don’t miss our CVC Phrase Checklist and Free Printables!

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