eResto The 10 most expensive travel yachts in the world

Alex Smith reveals the marvelous dimensions and extraordinary sumptuousness of ten of the most expensive megayachts in the world.

The world’s largest megayachts are floating palaces that house an opulence that most of us can’t even imagine. Over the years we have seen a sort of arms race in which various billionaires have competed to outdo their rivals’ arsenal of extravagance by building ever larger and more expensive ships. We have thoroughly researched the current recreational mega nautical landscape to come up with a possible Top 10 determined by the prices of ten of the most expensive motor yachts in the world.

1. Octopus ($200 million)

We start with a fairly modest yacht owned by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. With a length of 414 feet and a price of $200 million, the Octopus has two helicopters, a submarine for 10 people, another submarine with a control remote to explore the bottom of the sea, a recording studio, a glass-bottom pool, a cinema, and seven auxiliaries.

Built in 2003 by Lurssen, a renowned German shipyard specializing in superyachts, it has been loaned for scientific expeditions and search and rescue operations on several occasions.

2. Al Mirqab ($300M million)

The Al Mirqab (owned by the former Prime Minister of Qatar) has a diesel-electric propulsion system that uses five 2,800Kw generators, two electric motors, and conventional axles. But while the maximum speed of 20 knots and accommodation for 36 people and 45 crew is quite common for yachts of this length, its interior layout stamped by Andrew Winch is extraordinary.

The interior is arranged around a central staircase that intersects four floors, with a large number of glass details as well as a suspended glass structure by sculptor Dale Chihuly. The design is so striking that it won not only the award for motor yacht of the year in 2009 but also for best interior design.

3. Dilbar ($600 million)

Designed by Tom Heywood and Alberto Pinto the Dilbar is owned by Russian steel magnate Alisher Usmanov. Lürssen has described it as an exponent of the ‘green engine concept’. The objective has been to reduce emissions with an efficient propulsion system based on four generators that supply energy for all equipment on board and also for the four azimuthal thrusters.

It also has a diesel propulsion system coupled to exhaust pipes equipped with ultra-ecological particle filters. Data is limited, but it is believed that this 361-foot steel and aluminum yacht can reach speeds above 21 knots.

4. Al Said ($600 million)

This six-deck, 16,000-ton, 509-foot megayacht belongs to the Sultan of Oman and just like the Octopus and the Dilbar has also been designed by Lurssen Yachts. Launched in 2008 and currently moored in Muscat, the Al Saïd has a top speed of around 25 knots and capacity for an impressive 150 crew and 65 guests.

The interior is classic, with wood paneling in the social areas that include an auditorium with the capacity for a 50-piece orchestra.

5. Superyacht A ($275 million)

Designed by Philippe Starck, with naval architecture by Francis Design and construction by Blohm + Voss, Superyacht A is owned by Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichenko. The 14 guests and 42-person crew share fairly limited space, and her narrow lines and hull rake also mean that available deck space is fairly limited.

Its name may not be very happy, and the idea that it could navigate through the ice (as is often suggested) is just an urban legend. However, its styling is much more striking and original than most yachts in this category, so Melnichenko’s toy is fully deserving of its place in this top 10.

6. Dubai (€309 million)

If Mariano Rajoy bought a megayacht worth 309 million, there would surely be protests in the street and an investigation by a parliamentary commission, in addition to several editorials on transparency. But in the United Arab Emirates, the fact that the prime minister has a 531-foot superyacht does not seem to cause any controversy.

Designed by Andrew Winch, the Dubai can accommodate up to 24 guests in 12 suites, all with private balconies and panoramic views. In addition to the usual amenities (swimming pool, cinema, heliport, gym, nightclub, barbecue terrace, and submarine), it also has a large central atrium more than 21 meters wide.

7. Eclipse ($700 million)

At 534 feet, this megayacht was designed by Abramovich and ‘eclipses’ the Dubai by a matter of inches – when launched in the Blohm & Voss in 2010 became the largest private yacht in the world. In addition to a 500-square-meter owner’s cabin, three helicopters, and bunk beds for a crew of up to 92, it also has an anti-missile defense system and a 15-meter swimming pool, the bottom of which can be raised to create a dance floor.

She won the coveted title of the best yacht of the year at the World Superyacht Awards in 2011.

8. Azzam ($605 million)

Its more than 590 feet in length makes the Azzam the largest superyacht in the world. Its owner is the president of the United Arab Emirates and emir of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa, but little else is known about the Azzam, except that It was built by Lurssen and its estimated cost is $605 million.

Its exterior lines have come from the Nauta Yacht Design studio and its French-style interior has been conceived by Christophe Leoni. The Azzam is equipped with two diesel engines and two gas turbines that produce 94,000 hp for a speed of 32 knots.

9. Topaz ($527 million)

She may only be 483 feet long (50 feet shorter than Abramovich’s Eclipse) but with her steel hull, superstructure Aluminum, and 70-foot beam, this monster built once again by the Lurssen shipyards is one of the most expensive superyachts in the world. Launched in 2012 at a cost of around $527 million, this 12,000-tonne vessel was designed by the British Tim Heywood.

Another superyacht that very little is known about but is speculated to belong to the Saudi royal family.

10. Triple Deuce ($1 billion)

Its length of 728 feet makes the Triple Deuce the largest and most expensive private yacht ever. It has three gas turbines with a power of 100,000 horsepower, all for 36 guests to enjoy at more than 30 knots.

The enormous owner’s suite occupies 275 square meters divided into two floors, with private access from the helipad and the auxiliary garage. At the moment the identity of its owner is unknown, but it seems that he intends to use the Triple Deuce to humiliate the other billionaires who love superyachts and it seems that he will be very successful.

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