I am right here for the hoverboard

Hyper Gentle Breaker is a hoverboard sim. Technically, it’s a third-person roguelite journey set in a luminous fantasy-cyberpunk universe, however after taking part in a 30-minute preview, it’s clear to me that Hyper Gentle Breaker is all in regards to the hoverboard. Vicious beasts, secret alcoves and glossy weapons are secondary to the sensation of gliding over inexperienced hills and shallow waters on my glowing blue slab, discovering pleasure in narrowly avoiding enemy encounters.

Deliberately skipping battles was in all probability the alternative of what lead animator Chris Bullock wished me to do throughout the first public hands-on alternative with Hyper Gentle Breaker — but when that have been the case, then he shouldn’t have instructed me in regards to the hoverboard.

Hyper Light Breaker

Coronary heart Machine

Hyper Gentle Breaker is about to go dwell in early entry on Steam this summer season, full with three-player on-line co-op. Builders at Coronary heart Machine are letting folks play it for the primary time at Day of the Devs: San Francisco Version, which is held together with GDC this week. I performed a distant preview of the sport at house, solo model, whereas Bullock watched on Discord (and possibly cringed a complete lot).

Breaker is an open-world recreation with a hub station known as the Cursed Outpost, a futuristic strip mall with retailers, improve stations and NPCs. I briefly explored the outpost, however the bulk of the sport performs out within the Overgrowth, a panorama of ever-shifting biomes, and I centered on diving into these. Biomes within the Overgrowth are constructed with hand-crafted and procedurally generated components in order that gamers won’t ever enter the identical realm twice, and each has a boss to defeat known as a Crown. Regardless of my need to peacefully hoverboard by the half-hour demo, I messed round with two loadouts, took out a couple of slime hordes and twice tried to slay a type of Crowns — an enormous bipedal wolf warrior with a golden sword named Dro.

In each of my battles with Dro, she began attacking immediately and with unbelievable power, swinging her blade wildly as she leapt in a large arc throughout a temple and instantly onto my head. I dodged and tried to replenish her stagger meter by touchdown primary assaults with my sword and firearm, however the wolf was relentless, particularly in contrast with the fundamental enemies I simply dispatched across the biome.

Hyper Light Breaker

Coronary heart Machine

Dro defeated me twice. On the finish of every combat, I heard the sport’s siren tune luring me in, making me consider I may beat the massive unhealthy wolf subsequent time, if I simply employed an up to date technique. Parrying was key on this combat, in line with Bullock.

“Her first opening assault, you instantly went for the parry on that,” Bullock mentioned as I ready to combat the boss once more. “I really like that you simply picked that up straight away; that was the intention on that one.”

The parry had been an accident on my half, however I’d instantly seen how efficient it was, giving me a half-second on the very starting of the encounter to step again and strategize. What I’d skilled with the parry was a fury assault, Bullock defined. Some beasts in Hyper Gentle Breaker glow crimson after which carry out massive strikes that need to be completely parried to be able to cancel out the harm, reverse a projectile or stun the enemy. With a fury assault, a non-perfect parry will mitigate some harm solely.

“That’s undoubtedly the design purpose, to make the fight clear, know once you’re doing one thing effectively,” Bullock mentioned.

These moments of tactical readability are precisely what makes a roguelike or roguelite addictive. I can see easy methods to beat the boss; now I simply need to get adequate on the recreation to implement these strikes earlier than I am killed.

Hyper Light Breaker

Coronary heart Machine

There’s no dialogue in Hyper Gentle Breaker, very like its predecessor, Hyper Gentle Drifter. Drifter was an extremely trendy 2D motion RPG that got here out in 2016 after a couple of years of crowdfunding and vital hype, and it solidified Coronary heart Machine’s status as a stellar indie studio. Hyper Gentle Breaker is technically a prequel to Drifter, because it’s set 15 years earlier than the occasions of that recreation.

Drifter co-designer Teddy Dief went on to discovered Group OFK and launch the musical visible novel We Are OFK, whereas lead developer Alx Preston caught with Coronary heart Machine and launched Photo voltaic Ash in 2021. Very like Breaker, Photo voltaic Ash is about in the identical basic universe as Hyper Gentle Drifter, nevertheless it’s a vastly completely different recreation and it’s not a direct sequel. Photo voltaic Ash is a third-person motion platformer constructed round an extremely satisfying glide-step mechanic, and its world is stuffed with alien environments, large monsters and vaguely threatening deities.

Hyper Gentle was a method for me to get began, it was a method for me to be extra grounded and put collectively a crew and perceive, can I do that? Can I really make video games?” Preston instructed me in 2021, throughout the lead-up to Photo voltaic Ash’s launch. “And so having answered that query, then the pure subsequent step for me was one thing in 3D. Can I put one thing on the market that basically opens up the world and makes you are feeling like you may actually escape into one thing, a creation that’s otherworldly, that you simply in any other case would not have the expertise of? A whole lot of my childhood was spent escaping into these greater experiences.”

Hyper Light Breaker

Coronary heart Machine

Breaker appears like the right amalgamation of Hyper Gentle Drifter and Photo voltaic Ash. Exchange the Photo voltaic Ash ice skates with a hoverboard, add some pals and also you’re set. Builders at Coronary heart Machine plan to maintain Hyper Gentle Breaker in early entry for a few 12 months, although they famous that this timeline would possibly change with participant suggestions.

The total launch of Hyper Gentle Breaker will assist as much as three gamers in on-line co-op, and it’ll have a handful of characters to select from, every with customizable loadouts. I attempted out a primary, slashy blade and a hefty buster sword, plus a regular rifle and a shotgun-type firearm, they usually every carried out effectively, although I ran out of ammo rapidly and infrequently. The heavy sword was slower than the easy blade, nevertheless it moved easily and hit exhausting. Within the Cursed Outpost earlier than loading up a brand new biome, I used to be additionally capable of choose 4 talents known as Holobytes from a few dozen choices, comparable to elevated armor or sooner therapeutic. My favourite trait was the blooming corpse seed, which planted an exploding AOE flower on the our bodies of slain enemies.

However as soon as Bullock instructed me that hoverboarding was an possibility, it was all I wished to do. I spent a superb chunk of my Hyper Gentle Breaker demo time gliding alongside the intense inexperienced grass, touchdown small jumps and sometimes falling right into a pond. I’m nonetheless itching to seek out Dro once more and fine-tune my parrying talents throughout a spread of weapons (and corpse flowers). Largely although, I’ll be dreaming of that shiny blue board till Hyper Gentle Breaker hits early entry this summer season.

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