5 islands that you can rent on Airbnb for less money than you think

5 islands that you can rent on Airbnb for less money than you think – Contrary to what everyone would believe, you don’t have to be a billionaire to enjoy a private island, at least for a week. Come on, if you don’t have the money, can you fix it with friends?

1. Bird Island – Placencia, Belize

Rate: $350 per night

Twenty minutes from Placencia, Belize, there is a small island within a coral reef. And for $350 per couple (or an additional $50 per additional person), you get the whole damn thing; plus round-trip transportation, fishing supplies, kayaks, and a grill. The island has a main house and a separate cabin, for a total of three bedrooms, four beds, and a bathroom.

2. East Hampton, CT, United States

Rate: $210 per Person/Night

This island has five private cabins (14 rooms total), which can accommodate all your friends and their friends: 36 people! During the day you can explore the wooded areas, go kayaking, or play volleyball. At night, sit on your private dock and look out over the lake, drink beer, and talk about how great life is on an island where you control everything.

3. Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Rate: $450 per night

Located 90 minutes from Cartagena by boat, this small island in the Rosario and San Bernardo Islands archipelago features a 10,000-foot, four-bedroom villa with direct access to magnificent white sand beaches and stunning ocean views. The best part is that you can accommodate up to 25 of your closest friends, all of whom can board a chartered boat (with a certified captain!) to cruise around the other islands in the area.

4. Ottawa, ON, Canada

Wildlife, water sports, and getting back to nature – that’s why you’re renting this private island on Great Rideau Lake. This renovated 100+-year-old home is centered around a large game room and unique dock. The place has a capacity for six, and up to nine can enter.

5. Pine Isle, Lake Maranacook-Blue Rm

Rate: $150/night (five-night minimum)

OK, maybe you can’t rent this ENTIRE island, but for $150 a night, you can rent a room in the only house on the island, which is still pretty exclusive, right? In its 1920s heyday, Maranacook Lake was a prime location for East Coast urbanites eager to get away from the sounds of the city. The island house, which was built in 1910, has three lettable rooms.

The 7 cheapest private islands that you can afford, according to Airbnb

Renting a private island can be cheaper than you think a priori. Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to spend a day in one of these places? With no one else around other than the simple company of a friend or partner. Well, it is a dream that can easily come true.

From Venice to Brazil, Business Insider has rounded up the 13 cheapest private islands that can be found on Airbnb. The reality is that splitting the cost with some friends, the price is quite affordable.

A rural island outside Venice

This private island can be rented for 113 dollars per day and has a capacity of 16 guests, so it is not that expensive to spend a week in this place.

In the middle of the island, there is a house surrounded by trees. In addition, the host will take you to the house in a boat, the trip lasts no more than eight minutes.

An Irish island with a cottage in Ireland

A rustic island, surrounded by greenery, on the Irish coast. Spending a day here costs $247 and the house has a capacity of seven guests.

In this case, to reach the island, you will have to take a boat trip of only 5 minutes. This house is the ideal place for those who love fishing.

A private island of thousands of square meters in Honduras

The perfect place for those people who have always dreamed of spending their holidays in a tropical place. This island has a house for 16 people, the price of which is 274 dollars per day.

It is the best place to sunbathe and be on the beach. A unique and private piece of land with crystal clear waters to enjoy the heat.

A forested island in Washington

An island full of pine trees for nature lovers. Spending a night in the house on the island only costs $357 and there is space for six people.

The island even has a private ferry to reach the mainland. In addition, the hosts will also give you two kayaks and life jackets to enjoy the water.

A tropical island in Belize

The best island for a romantic getaway. It is the most intimate place of all, with only two cabins joined by a bridge. Spending a night of passion on this island costs $365 and it only fits two people.

It is a tropical hideaway without too many luxuries, the most appreciated thing about this hideaway is the intimacy and the corals in the surrounding waters.

A sand island in the Philippines

This island has white sand beaches that surround a lush tropical forest where you can enjoy the shade. The house in the center of the island has a capacity for 16 people and costs $398 per night.

It is the best option for groups of friends or families. Even though you are alone in the place, it will be easy to feel like a luxury resort.

An island in a lake in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota has nearly 12,000 lakes and this one, in particular, hides a small island where you can get lost and enjoy your break. This small house has space for 10 people and is priced at $399 per day.

The best place to meet with the family and enjoy the peace and tranquility that a place of this magnitude can provide.

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