5 points to evaluate before choosing a Health Insurance Plan

A Major Medical Expense Insurance Plan is a tool through which you pay a certain amount of money to a company to provide you with solutions for scenarios in which we require health services, which are usually quite expensive.

Thanks to this type of coverage, we can face different medical contingencies. However, not all plans are the same. That is why it is so important to know how to choose appropriately.

Keep reading so you can learn more about the Medical Insurance Plans that exist, the benefits that they grant you, how they are processed, as well as some aspects you should take into account when choosing the most convenient one, that meets what you need. so that you can find the service concrete solutions whether it is for you or your work community. In addition, we will talk to you about

The starting point: The benefits

The truth is that it is not the same to take out a Medical Insurance Plan as Health Insurance. Medical Expenses, since the second is limited to treating illnesses and the first has multiple added benefits, such as telephone medical attention or compensation.

That said, it is extremely important that you know the keys to hiring a good Health Insurance Plan, whether you want to hire it and consistently, even think about what that medical insurance cannot cover.

Consider the option or protection plan that provides you with a broad menu of services When choosing a product of this type, what impacts directly your protection in terms of health, you should always .for your employees for you or

5 basic points to choose from:

When it comes to purchasing a Health Insurance Plan, there are many options on the market and they may overwhelm us a little at the moment. to choose, but don’t worry, here we will tell you what aspects you should look at to choose the best:

1.- Accessible prices:

The majority of companies in Mexico are micro, small, and medium-sized, which usually do not have the capital of large companies to be able to pay for health services that we would like for our employees or ourselves if we work on our own, mainly because we have to disburse large amounts of money.

That is why the first thing you should review before contracting a Health Insurance Plan to what you as an employer or as a self-employed person can pay, without this affecting the quality of the attention and protection we deserve. their prices adjust in that

2.- Accident Insurance:

Even if your company has all the measures requested to avoid accidents, you and your employees are exposed to them even on the way home or to work, so you should know if the Health Insurance Plan that you are about to contract has, within him, accident insurance.

Remember to pay close attention to know in which cases it covers and in which it does not, in addition to what amount, so you can compare correctly and purchase one that benefits you and your staff.

3.- Telephone medical attention:

Imagine that a worker feels bad very late or very early in the morning of a weekend and no doctor can attend to it at that time. You probably don’t want to have to worry about that, or for them to have to worry about it themselves.

That is why when you are comparing, you should verify that the Health Insurance Plan includes Care and Telephone medical 24 hours a day and seven days a week since having this benefit will undoubtedly be a great advantage in your life.

4.- Medical care with specialists:

In addition to being exposed to accidents, we are also exposed to getting sick, so it can give you a lot of peace of mind to know that both you and your workers have specialized medical care thanks to the plan that you are about to hire.

Check that the Medical Insurance Plan includes consultations with specialists. Currently, in Mexico, a consultation can cost between $800 to $1000 on average, and in many cases, we do not plan to pay them, so It will give us a lot of peace to know that we can go to them if required.

5.- Have Compensation:

As we already said, in our daily lives anything can happen, and what better way than for you and your workers to be protected and prepared for everything, even to grant compensation to the latter for a work accident.

Check which companies offer a health insurance plan that helps you give them a specific amount for compensation and investigate very well in which cases it applies, this will protect you before the Law and will help your employees to be focused on their work activities.

Other points to keep in mind:

The points we talked about above are the basic ones to take into account before contracting a Medical Insurance Plan. However, there are some other aspects that can help you choose the best one, with the best company:

  • Coverage. Make sure you fully understand the maximum amount that the Protection Plan will cover.
  • Easy. Investigate if it is really easy to access the benefits they present to you.
  • It fits your needs. Verify that what you are going to hire makes sense with what you need, whether you hire it for yourself or for your workers.
  • Flexibility. There are companies that have static health insurance plans and you will not be able to change anything they offer you, make sure you find a company where you can hire a personalized one.

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