The impact of technology on personal finances

To have good management of our finances, at the beginning, we need to be disciplined and, above all, organized. The times when you had to go to a stockbroker, a financial advisor, a company that organized your money, etc. they’ve changed. Today, we, from the comfort of our computer or our mobile device, can do it easily.

According to data from the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONFUSEF), 6 out of every 10 adults in our country do not keep a record of their monthly expenses, and of those who do, 64% do it mentally.

With this panorama, it is convenient to promote that more people use technology for our benefit every day, therefore, we show you the following options (apps) that will allow you to structure what you spend, how you can save and start investing:

Personal expenses


In this application, you will be able to know the percentage of your money that is spent on food, transportation, taxis, entertainment, etc. It presents you with a comparative circular graph with which you can have a view of the money against your expenses. You just have to enter a payroll account, a credit card, or the cash you handle, and subtract the payments you make with any of the cards.


It works for you so that you can operate all your bank accounts in a single application and manage your expenses. It sends you notifications when the card payment date is approaching, something that other apps do not usually do; Likewise, it notifies you if any charges are duplicated.


It offers you personalized templates with the categories in which you make your expenses: food, transportation, housing, entertainment, etc. It helps you establish budgets to control expenses, as well as develop savings goals.

Continuing with the topic of savings and its figures, CONDUSEF points out that 44% of people who do save do so through non-formal mechanisms, that is, with schemes other than financial institutions, of which 65% keep the cash at home and 32% do it in batches, something that does not guarantee security.

Eresto Savings Strategy

Savings plan

This App establishes various savings objectives such as vacations, and birthdays and classifies them by time: daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly. In it, you can choose how much money you want to save and you can customize it using colors.

Save and achieve your goal

Like the previous one, this application sets savings goals for you, as well as the date for compliance. It has a reminder option to, for example, cancel Netflix-type subscriptions, or stop paying for the gym. It makes a mark on what you lack in percentage to meet your goal. By becoming a premium subscriber you can further customize your profile.

Saving money

It sets a savings goal, the same for any item you want to use: days, weeks, fortnights, the progress you make with the amounts saved, and personalizes a plan with what you need to contribute to achieve the achievement.

Going deeper now, concerning investments, the Mexican Association of Stock Market Intermediaries (AMIB) highlights that as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, the number of economically active people in Mexico with an investment account increased, going from 3 % in 2020 to 7% by 2023.

This gives us an indication that there is a large sector that still needs to enter the spheres of investments and, therefore, the use of the appropriate technologies for this.  

Countless apps allow us to make investments, this will depend on the way you want to proceed, for example, there are options to invest in fixed income, such as treasury certificates (CETES) that offer returns predictable. On the other hand, you can obtain a higher return with investments in variable income, however, these do not guarantee a fixed return, since the value will depend on market conditions (cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, real estate, etc.). Hence the importance of having prior knowledge or the correct advice to carry it out.

Fixed Rent by Eresto

Direct Cetes

It allows you to buy Treasury Certificates, bonds, udibonos, which are backed by the federal government, making them one of the safest instruments today.


(Popular Financial Companies) 38 of them are currently authorized by the National Banking and Securities Commission, among which we can mention Ku-Bo Financial, Broxel, Crediclub, Sustainable Financial, etc., which have category 1, as they are considered more secure.

Variable income


You can invest from $100 in national and international stocks, ETFs, and investment funds. It offers graphs and analysis tools for decision-making, plus you can view the performance of your portfolio.


It has a section on its page where it explains what stocks, ETFs, and funds are. Likewise, it offers a virtual investment simulator for practice.


The starting amount is $1,000 and you can invest in stocks, investment funds, and foreign currencies such as the dollar and euro.

All of the options mentioned above are regulated by the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV).

We also remind you that if you already have a fund and need to grow your money in Principal, we have investment funds that can be adapted to your needs.

Now that you have a bigger picture at your fingertips, all you have to do is start browsing through your device so you can control your budget, save, and/or enter the wonderful world of investments.

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